Monday, May 18, 2009

5/18/09 Flash Fiction - "Shock"

Stephen sat cross-legged, his hands touching the floor to keep his balance. He couldn't see a thing through the blindfold, but he knew that a mob of other blindfolded people were crushed together all around him.

The party was the best yet--three kegs, hard liquor, weed. Hot women all over the place. And yet, he couldn't see any of them, because of the blindfold. But he didn't mind. It was all part of the game.

"Okay, Bernie, your turn." Zack's voice rang out through the crowded room. "Your partner is...Lady B."

Stephen couldn't wait; he was next in line. Zack, the referee, was the only one not blindfolded. He would roll the dice, and determine the player's partner. Then the two would make out, blindfolded. The idea was to get everybody laid. He knew the "ladies" were sluts and street hookers, but he didn't care.

It didn't take Bernie long. What seemed like only a few seconds of lips smacking and tongues exploring passed quickly, then Stephen heard them get up. He knew they were removing their blindfolds and leaving the room, the girl giggling as she stepped around the remaining players.

"Stones, your turn." Stones was Stephen's nickname, bestowed upon him by his fraternity brothers. They gave him the name after he lied to a cop's face after a particularly wild party. He spent the night in jail for it, but Zack claimed it took "stones of steel" to stand up to the police.

"Stones, your partner is...Lady Y."

Stephen kept still until a soft hand brushed his face. A whiff of vanilla perfume, a hand in his crotch, and lips on his. He thrust his tongue into the girl's mouth. Her hand stroked him as they kissed, and he knew this would be the easiest lay ever.

He stood up and ripped off the blindfold, eager to see his partner. His gaze went from her sculpted legs, up past curvy hips and chest to her face. She removed her blindfold and looked at him. They both froze.

No! It couldn't be!


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