Monday, June 22, 2009

Writing hurts reading

Here's a short list of things I've noticed about writing and reading and how they affect each other:

  • Since I started writing that I can't read nearly as much anymore. Much of the free time I used to spend reading is now used for writing. It's odd, because I miss tearing through book after book.
  • Something else that bugs me is that when I'm reading now, I'll notice things I never did before. I used to read for pure enjoyment, and while I still enjoy it, the writing tips I've picked up affect my reading. I notice "saidisms," overuse of adverbs, and plot contrivances. It's an interesting experience.
  • To keep myself motivated while writing, I have to read. Reading books inspires me, even if they have nothing to do with my current WIP.


  1. Good post. Losing out on reading time is certainly detrimental to fun and like you said - inspiration.

    I haven't noticed a drop off in my enjoyment of books yet - though perhaps my acclimation to an aspiring writer has been too gradual and I never noticed the transition.

  2. One author that I enjoyed as a reader that I can no longer enjoy as a writer is James Patterson. I always enjoyed the plots and characters, but I see now how formulaic most of his books are.

    Oh well. There's always more books out there.